HR Business Processes

Team Building and Competency Development Process – Sample – HR Tools
Designing a Well-Targeted Team Building Process with HR Assessment Tools – Sample
How to Conduct an Assessment Interview - Sample Performance Appraisal
How to Conduct an Assessment Interview - Sample Performance Appraisal
How to Evaluate and Select an HRMS – Case Study (Human Resources Management System)
Selecting and Implementing New HR Management Software (HRMS) – Example

Corporate Health Management

Facing Organizational Instability and Its Impact on Managerial Health

Management and Health: Causes of Organizational Instability and Solutions
Although work medicine enjoys an undisputed place in the modern business world, addressing the key factors that impact the emotional health of managers still remains a taboo for many...

Corporate Health Management: Main Organizational Development Axes

The Main Approaches to Promoting Corporate Health for Managers and Employees
As we have seen, globalization, with all its consequences in terms of increased competition and acceleration of change represent a given with which we must learn to live...

Economy and Labor Market

Adapting Corporate Management Practices to the African Cultural Framework

corporate management, communication and leadership in africa
In the age of globalization, the search for universal corporate management recipes may be regarded as a legitimate approach. But can we really expect a given set of management practices to fit into any professional environment – without ever taking local realities into account? Indeed, even the European and Anglo-Saxon models display significant differences, if only in terms of employee protection...

Organizational Change Management

Managing Amidst Uncertainty: Learning to Cope with Organizational Change in a Globalized Economy

Managing Amidst Uncertainty: Learning to Cope with Organizational Change in a Globalized Economy
Being in search for their identity, present-day companies go through processes of restructuring, reengineering, etc. The management models and organizational structures that used to be taught in Universities have done their time. In a time of crisis, the first reflex is to challenge one’s structures and to build up new ones...

Managing Organizational Transformation In Times of Crisis: Rebuilding a Reference Framework for Changing Companies

Managing Restructuring Processes and Globalization: Rebuilding a Reference Framework Amidst Global Crisis
The economic crisis has become part of our daily discussions, whether at home, in the office, in the media. More than the diverse economic forecasts, its psychical and emotional effects on all of us - and especially the active population - are formidable...

Business Coaching Tools

Applying the Management through Professional Coaching (MPC) Methodology

The Role of Managers Who Apply the Management of Processes by Coaching (MPC) Methodology
Always more, faster and better! Such could be the motto of today’s economic players. Excesses of all kinds, linked to the deviant behaviors of a few, have disrupted the course of economic system and caused it to become erratic. Today’s society, by promoting a culture of excess, gives the impression of evolving in an economic context in which growth has no limits, which of course is utterly absurd...

Social Media Recruiting

Social Media and Viral Marketing Strategies : When the Much Anticipated Party Turns Into a Fiasco

social networks marketing, virality and Internet recruitment, social media and human resources
When we look at the "social media meets HR" market, we find a lot of "miraculous", "ready-to-use" and "can't fail" solutions, strategies and tools. Yet, most of the time, their implementation turns into a nightmare and results are far from expectations...

Job Application Advice

Job Application Advice: When Your "Weaknesses" Turn Into Assets

Job Application Advice: Skills and Well-Being Development Techniques for HR Managers
In an economic context in which the demand for performance and competitiveness is ceaselessly put forward, recruiters may be tempted to seek the “perfect” candidate. This person may simultaneously have to display cutting-edge know-how and excellent personal skills, be creative and spontaneous as well as methodically rigorous, dispose of both a strong autonomy and a great capacity for teamwork, etc.

Job Analysis and Evaluation Process

How to Develop a Coherent Pay Structure Amidst Changing Skills Requirements?

Évolution des profils de compétences et politique salariale: comment développer une stratégie RH cohérente?
Since the 1980s, structural changes in organizations that have moved from pyramidal organizational charts to workflow-oriented structures caused a reversal of priorities in terms of the respective importance of knowledge, know-how and personal skills (illustration).

Skills Assessment Tests

Personal skills testing: How to Write the Assessment Report – Sample

Skills Testing: How to Write the Assessment Report - Sample
We have seen in a related article that assessment interviews are essential in order to be able to fine-tune – and even correct – the interpretation of test results. The assessment report will then allow communicating all the relevant information to the hierarchy of the (future) employee with the aim of preparing for development actions and/or making the selection decision.

Presentation Skills and Techniques

A Few Tips for Your Presentations – Maximizing Your Impact In the Closing Phase

A Few Tips for Your Presentations – Maximizing Your Impact in the Closing Phase
The conclusion of your presentation is the perfect moment to repeat and emphasize the core message of your presentation, so as to make sure that everyone in the room will remember it. Here are a few suggestions to help you take advantage of this opportunity to reassert the main points you would like the participants to bring home when they leave.


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