Personal skills testing: How to Write the Assessment Report – Sample

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Skills Testing: How to Write the Assessment Report - Sample

We have seen in a related article that assessment interviews (guidelines) are essential in order to be able to fine-tune – and even correct – the interpretation of test results.

The assessment report will then allow communicating all the relevant information to the hierarchy of the (future) employee with the aim of preparing for development actions and/or making the selection decision.


In order to be as relevant as possible, the assessment report should contain the following elements:

  1. The aim of the assessment
  2. The candidate’s professional experience
  3. The results of the assessment test
  4. The explanation of the test’s results that has been delivered by the candidate
  5. The candidate’s possible disagreement with this or that part of the test results or interpretation
  6. The possible development actions in relation to the candidate’s (present of future) professional occupation

Ideally, candidates should be given the opportunity to read their assessment report before it is transmitted to the hierarchy. This indeed allows showing them that they have not been "framed" and that the communicated data will not be used in an abusive or excessively "psychologically-oriented" manner.


The access to assessment results should be clearly delimited within the company. All the members of the Board, HR Department and management who are entitled to access them should be listed up. Moreover, only those with proper training should be allowed to access "raw" test results (i.e. the quantitative data).


Here is a sample assessment report (document) that introduces you to the main lines of a professional assessment processPlease mind that it is based on a fictitious and simplified example of periodical appraisal.

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