Self-coaching exercises - I. Audit of the manager's professional activity

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Step 1: Assessing your level of competitiveness

Your professional development project starts with a detailed analysis of your and your team's professional environment. Even if getting deeper into the issues you are currently facing may seem to be something negative, this phase is necessary, as it often proves to be the key to finding the related solutions. 

  1. Auditing your professional environment
  2. Assessing the risks and opportunities of globalization
  3. Assessing your organization's pace of evolution
  4. Assessing your personal capacity of adaptation
  5. Auditing the organization's potential malfunctions
  6. Auditing the organization's human-related malfunctions
  7. Assessing your level of competitiveness

These self-coaching exercises are taken from the book "Management through Professional Coaching: Learning to Cope With Complexity in a Globalized Economy", published in 2002 by Pro Mind Editions.

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