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CourseGoal Duration 
LeadershipFree your charisma thanks to a pragmatic approach that is based on your personal skills, your professional project and your environment.1 day 
Decision-makingDevelop your ability to autonomously make decisions in a way that is coherent with the expectations of your professional environment.1 day 
ControlBuild up a strict management control system while empowering your environment by boosting its autonomy.1 day 
DelegationLearn how to attribute a maximum of activities and projects to your partners/employees while keeping a global vision of the business processes you are in charge of.1 day 
PlanningBecome aware of the conditions to and dynamic nature of an efficient planning.1 day 
CommunicationFree your communication skills; make your communication efficient, so as to mobilize the human and resources-related workflows.1 day 
MotivationLive and have other people experience your pleasure at work. Mobilize yourself and others towards clear and realistic professional goals.1 day 
OrganizationAcquire concrete tools for the management of the workplace while taking the organizational model within which you evolve into account.1 day 
Management of Processes by Coaching (MPCTM)Acquire a global vision of your professional project while developing your competencies and those of your team, by becoming a leader and a coach.3 days  ;
Competency Assessment and ManagementAssess the nature of available competencies, analyze the competency gap as compared to the company’s needs and set up a development plan.1 day 
Conflict-solvingIdentify the nature of the different types of conflicts in order to manage them with win-win approach.2 days 
Corporate Health ManagementGain a command of the fundamentals of work medicine by designing your corporate health management strategy.1 day 
Project-Team BuildingGain a command of the different aspects of team-building in a project-related environment, while taking both the technical and human dimensions into account.1 day 
Project Management as a Method of WorkIntegrate the goals and understand the role of the participants, the organization structures, the different steps, obstacles and brakes to the implementation of project-oriented management approach.1 day 
Problem-solving Skills and TechniquesAcquire and master problem-solving techniques.1 day 
Human Factor IntegrationUnderstand and integrate human behaviors into corporate management.1 day 
The Design of an MBO StrategyAims to equip managers with the ability to exercise their responsibilities in a logic of delegation and of managed responsibility.1 day 
Human Factor IntegrationPosition technical and human actions at the levels of the organization, the planning and the coordination.1 day 
The Implementation of an MBO StrategyPosition technical and human actions at the levels of the organization, the planning and the coordination.1 day 
The Design of a Business PlanThis course aims to train managers at materializing their corporate strategy, at conducting change and at playing a major part in it.2 days 
The Management of Difficult InterviewsHow to manage difficult interviews in the context of dismissals, early retirements and blames, by separating the objective from the emotional?2 days 
Interview TechniquesTrain the different interview techniques that apply to such situations as recruitment, assessment and development processes, promotions and mutations.2 days 

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