How to Conduct an Exit Interview - Sample Departure Form / Questionnaire

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How to Conduct an Exit Interview - Sample Departure Form / Questionnaire

The exit interview is an important process, as it allows detecting the causes that led an employee to leave the company. Analyzing this data can indeed help enhancing the work climate or the company’s products and services. It may thus be seen as an opportunity to improve one’s positioning on the jobs market.

True, there are instances in which the company cannot compete nor change its policies. However, when the departure is linked to such elements as e.g. comparatively low wages, an inadequate timetable or a spiteful supervisor, those may be dealt with so as to make the company more competitive on the work market.

Please note that it is too late to retain employees who have made the decision to quit; the detection of the dissatisfaction should indeed take place much earlier.


Those are very simple tools that can easily be adapted to meet every company’s needs and regularly updated over the years. Moreover, an annual summary may be produced in order to identify and remedy to the company’s weaknesses.


First of all, it is necessary to immediately inform the direct supervisor of any departing employee. Then, we should confirm him/her the reception of the resignation and inform him/her that we would like to discuss this decision more thoroughly.

Also, when an employee leaves the company, his/her account should be closed and the date of departure mentioned, so that the "history" may remain until the end of the current period and that no additional salary be calculated after his/her departure. As for any Human Resources-related documents, the folder should be kept locked, as the Law on Data Protection still applies.

Departing employee should also be informed in writing of the necessity to acquire an accidents insurance in case of non-professional injuries. Also note that discretion is also required; the employee’s departure does not abrogate this rule.

Finally, the certificate of employment should be handed out to departing employees in the days preceding their departure. Their direct supervisor should provide all the necessary data, so that the HR Department may compile it according to corporate policies.

For more information on this issue, please refer to our employment certificate writing guidelines.


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