Introduction to Corporate Health Management: Basic Concepts and Tools

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Introduction to Health Management in an Organizational Context - Tools and Techniques

Health management is a central issue in corporate life, as the health of employees determines the health of the organization itself. Indeed, the quality of decision-making is strongly related to the health of the company's leadership, and this will influence the orientations and the quality of the organization's working environment. Thus, management and health are two compatible concepts.

Thus, corporate health management is not only made for individuals or for the company. It’s an issue that must be addressed at both organizational and individual levels. The ultimate goal of this approach is to achieve an approach health that is at once clear and that considers both the employees' career and their private lives. Moreover, these two elements should be harmoniously integrated by employees themselves, so as to achieve a sustainable life balance.

As for the company, it has a dual role in establishing a corporate health management concept. It should indeed:

  1. Provide managers with the management tools and resources they need in order to better identify their role within the company.
  2. Be aware that the temptation to maximize the efforts required for employees is usually a short-term policy which endangers the health of managers and therefore puts the company's sustainable development at risk. Thus, the company should rather seek optimization than strive to maximize both resources and efforts.

Applying this approach will have an impact on all the possible types of malfunctions that may be related to the organization, the workplace and the employee's own personal management. Only by integrating these different aspects into the equation and by promoting the concept of work-life balance will the health of the company's management - and thus the organization's sustainable development - be ensured. But first, let us examine the personal and organizational consequences of excessive stress at work.

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