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Organizational development relies on 3 strongly interdependent concepts: Management Development, Management by Objectives and Training programs.

How to Design a Management Development Program - Sample - Case Study

How to Design a Management Development Program - Sample - Case Study
The end goal of a Management Development program is not only to contribute to the development of individuals in an organizational context, but also to address their personal dimension. A Management Development approach should thus be based on a win-win relationship between the company leadership and the managers.

The Introduction of a Management by Objectives (MBO) System - Sample Communication Plan

Management by Objectives (MBO) and Performance Appraisals - Sample Evaluation Form
Management by Objectives (MBO) creates a link between the completion of the company’s goals – i.e. of its results – and the development of individuals and their commitment to the company. It can be regarded as the alpha and omega of the company’s sustainability.

How to Design and Monitor Corporate Training Programs - Sample Career Development Plan

How to Develop a Training Program - Sample Career Development Plan
The aim of a training program is to develop employee competencies so as to optimize the relation between each individual and the job requirements of the position they hold. This, however, has to be done in compliance with the global goals set by the company’s organizational strategy.
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